Activist Resources

Welcome! Each of the resources below will help you improve your advocacy efforts and achieve "big wins."
No matter what the scope or focus of your campaign, a little planning can go a long way.

Section One: Campaign Planning

  1. Define your Goals [pdfdoc]
  2. Allies & Opponents [pdf doc]
  3. Strategies & Tactics [pdf / doc]
  4. Power Mapping - Link to Community Power Map Guide

Section Two: Community Organizing

  1. Engage Volunteers [pdf / doc]
  2. Engage Volunteers - Potential Volunteer Roles [pdf / doc]
  3. Run an Effective Meeting [pdf / doc]
  4. Organize a Stellar Event [pdf / doc]
    1. Venues by city in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties
    2. Sierra Club National - 10 Steps to a Successful Special Event
  5. ​Participate in the Public Review Process [pdf / doc]
  6. Make Public Comment [pdf /doc]
  7. Local Community Allies [pdf / doc

Section Three: Loma Prieta Chapter - At Your Service!

  1. Politics: Sierra Club Training & Templates Collection of manuals and templates from SCLPC Political Committee
  2. Guidelines for local plans & proposals - from the SCLPC Sustainable Land Use Committee

Section Four: Sierra Club National Can Help You, Too!

The Clubhouse (username: clubhouse, password: explore) is a clearing house for all kinds of invaluable tools and resources. Some are Sierra Club specific--logos, staff directories, organization policies--while others speak to common interests like campaigns, media, fundraising, and a wealth of other topics. 

  1. Visitor's Guide - Get familiar with the Clubhouse structure
  2. National Sierra Club Grassroots Organizing Training Manual
  3. Media Pitch Training Video - 10-minute "how-to" on pitching your story or event to media outlets.

Section Five: Additional Links and Resources

  1. Great Communities Collaborative Toolkit for Community Organizers
...And Coming Soon!
  1. Develop Your Communication Plan
  2. Loma Prieta Chapter Structure
  3. Letters to the Editor