The Black Mountain Hiking Section (BMHS) is an activity section of the Sierra Club's Loma Prieta Chapter. We serve residents in northern Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, California, although we attract members from all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Our activities are primarily dayhikes but we have occasional backpack, carcamp, or lodge trips.


The Bay Area is filled with beautiful hiking venues: mountains, forests, flower covered hills, streams and ocean cliffs. The BMHS sponsors several hiking trips each month, see our schedule for the next one. These hikes are open to the public; you need not be a Sierra Club member to participate (but why not? Joining would help finance the club for lots of good causes!). Come join us for some good exercise, entertaining conversation and some great sights!

Our activity schedule is sustained by volunteer leaders. If you are interested in leading a hike or other activity, please contact our Outings Coordinator Robbie Chung.

BMHS Executive Committee meetings are held regularly and BMHS member participation is greatly appreciated.

Newsletter Sign-up

The chapter newsletter, the Loma Prietan, includes articles of local interest and a list of Chapter organizations which offer outings and activities. Issues of the Loma Prietan are available on line. Members may obtain information about hikes, park conditions, and last minute announcements by subscribing to the BMHS mail list. If you wish to join the mail-list, please visit this linked page to subscribe directly. Alternatively, you may send a request to with the message INFO LOMAP-BMHS-NEWS and instructions will be sent to you. If you have problems reaching us, please contact our Executive Committee Chair.

Past issues of Loma Prietan are available online: