Chapter Directory

Loma Prieta Chapter Office
3921 East Bayshore Road, Suite 204
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Tel: (650) 390-8411
Fax: (650) 390-8497

The Loma Prieta Chapter Office is located in the Peninsula Conservation Center (PCC), at the corner of East Bayshore Road and Corporation Way, in Palo Alto.

To reach the office from Highway 101, take the San Antonio Road exit going north. At the first traffic light, turn left onto East Bayshore Road. Go 0.2 miles to 3921 East Bayshore Road. The PCC building is indicated by the red square on the map to the right.

Chapter Staff:

John Cordes, Interim Chapter Director
Phone: 650.390.9604  
Kenneth Rosales, Conservation Coordinator
Phone: 650.390.8441
Justyna Guterman, Development Coordinator 
Phone: 650.390.8494
Barbara Kelsey, Office Coordinator
Phone: 650.390.8411

Conservation Issues:

   Mike Ferreira   conservation* (change  * to  @)

Media Inquiries:
   John Cordes 650.390.9604 john.cordes* (change  * to  @)

Political Questions

   Gary Latshaw   Politicial* (change  * to  @)

Cool Cities Teams

   Kenneth Rosales, Conservation Coordinator  650-390-8441 kenneth.rosales* (change * to @)

General Chapter Information:
   Barbara Kelsey 650-390-8411 loma.prieta.chapter* (change * to @)



Executive Committee (voting)

Excom minutes are available here (username: clubhouse, password: explore)

Name Phone E-Mail (Change * to @)
1 Chapter Chair
Bruce Rienzo 408-253-1514 chair*
2 Vice Chair
Charles Schafer 408-354-1545 vicechair*
3 Secretary
Darren Ponce 408-375-6898 secretary*
Bruce Rienzo 408-253-1514 treasurer*
4 At Large Member
Ted Moorhead    
5 At Large Member
Peter Fairchild 650-348-3765 peter.fairchild*
6 At Large Member
Brian Haberly   brian.haberly*
7 At Large Member Melissa Hippard 650-743-7406 melissa.hippard*
8 At Large Member
Sue Chow   sue.chow*
9 At Large Member Vacant    
10 San Carlos/Belmont Group Rep
Marilyn Brewer 650-596-2865 scb.rep*
11 Peninsula Regional Group Mike Ferreira 650-563-4030 Michael.Ferreira*


Excom Appointments

Name Phone E-Mail (Change * to @)
  Compliance Officer Melissa Hippard   mhippard*
  Communication Chair Brian Haberly   brian.haberly*
  Computer & PCC Rep Shawn Britton 408/551-0722 it.chair*
  Conservation Chair
Mike Ferreira 650/563-4030 conservation*
  Council of Club Leaders Rep Charles Schafer
  Council of Club Leaders Alternate Peter Fairchild 650-348-3756 got-peter*
  CNRCC Delegate
Mike Ferreira 650/563-4030 MichaelJFerreira*
  CNRCC Delegate
Peter Fairchild 650-348-3756 got-peter*
  CNRCC Alternate
Diane Allen 650-321-0911 dianeallen315*
  Fundraising Chair Charles Schafer 408-354-1545


  Membership Chair Vacant  


  Outings Chair
Bruce Rienzo 408-253-1514 outings*
  PolCom Chair
Gary Latshaw   Politicial*
  Legal Chair
Steven Ferla 408/441-8886 legal*
  Computer Committee Chair
Shawn Britton   it.chair*


Ad Hoc Committees

Name Phone E-Mail (Change * to @)
  Hiker's Hut Chair
Miesje Aldrich 650/366-3603 Miesjealdrich*
  Hiker's Hut Treasurer
Carl Darling 650/856-6075 carldhome*


Regional Groups Chairs

Name Phone E-Mail (Change * to @)
Gita Dev 650-851-3355 gd*
  San Carlos/Belmont
Gladwyn D'Souza 650/508-8755 godsouza*


Activity Section Chairs

Name Phone E-Mail (Change * to @)
Steve Stearns 408/867-2100 stearns*
  Black Mountain Hiking
Sharon Chuang 408/354-4812 Shrnchuang*
  Day Hiking 
Tom Driscoll 650/938-2106 driscollta*
  Gay & Lesbian Sierrans 
Ron Levesque   Ronlevesqu*
  Inner City Outings 
Gloria Chen   Glowturtle*
  LP Paddlers 
Steve Avery 650/906-5116 savery1*
  Peak Climbing 
Terry Cline   terry_cline*
  Rock Climbing 
Hal Tompkins 650/364-8603 tompkins*
  San Mateo Hiking Coordinator
Marilyn Cintel   gmcintel*

Sierra Singles 

Meredith Leonard 408/253-1514
Jim Fox 408-773-8750 Jamesfox*
  Ski Touring 
John Cordes 650-288-9645 john.cordes*


Conservation Subcommittee Issue Chairs

Name Phone E-Mail (Change * to @)
  Air Quality
Gary Latshaw   glatshaw*
  Climate Action Leadership Team Co-chair
Gladwyn D'Souza 650/508-8755 godsouza*
  Climate Action Leadership Team Co-chair Sue Chow   sue.chow*
  Coastal Issues
Merrill Bobele 650/726-6429 mlbobele*
  Food Committee
Gladwyn D'Souza 650/508-8755 godsouza*
  Forest Protection
Karen Maki 650/366-0577 karenmaki*
  Global Warming
Gary Bailey 408-732-5499 Tigergary*
  Open Space/Wilderness
Cecily Harris   Cecily999*
  Peninsula Regional Group Representative
Brian Haberly   brianhaberly*
Janet Hoffman   janet*
  Sustainable Land Use
Bonnie McClure 650/591-5057 bonniemcclure*
Gladwyn d'Souza 650/508-8755 godsouza*
Katja Irvin   katja.irvin*
Dave Schorr 650/726-4545  
Martha Schauss    
  Zero Waste/Recycling
Ann Schneider 650/697-6249 schneiderann*


Newsletter & Web Site

Name Phone E-Mail (Change * to @)
  E-LP and  Editorial Board
  Loma Prietan Ad Manager
Barbara Kelsey 650/390-8411 x391 ad.manager*
  Web Team