2013 Candidate Statements

The ballot link and voting instructions are below. Ballots are due on November 30. Statements here have been edited for length.

Each member is entitled to vote once in this election. Two selection columns have been included so that both people in a dual membership can vote (see below, to discover whether you have dual membership).
If you fail to receive your ballot, contact the Chapter office (650-390- 8411) for an extra. Photocopies or other reproductions will not be accepted.
A. Vote for Chapter and regional group candidates. Instructions below tell how to determine your group.
B. Decide whether to use the Voter 1 column or the Voter 2 column.
Mark your ballot by placing an “X” in the box opposite candidate names in that column. Ballots marked in both columns by other than two members in a joint membership will not be counted. Print write-in names legibly. Sign validation tab on the line provided (tab will be removed prior to counting).
C. Cut along dashed line and remove the complete ballot from paper. The mailing label on the back must be left in place for validation. In lieu of a label, print clearly on the back your name, member number, and expiration date (EXACTLY as they appear on your membership card) and your mailing address.
D. Place ballot in an envelope and mail to:
Chapter/Group Elections Sierra Club
3921 E. Bayshore Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303
E. Ballots must be sent in the mail or received by November 30th.
Late ballots will not be counted.

Dual Membership and Group Affiliation:
A typical Loma Prietan mailing label looks like this:
1205436 JNT 0203

To discover whether you have a dual or joint membership, look at the second row on your mailing label. If the second group of characters is “JNT,” both members can vote. If not, only one person can vote; in that case, ballots marked in both columns will not be counted. Our example shows “JNT,” so both Jan and Leslie can vote. To discover your regional group affiliation, look at the second line on your mailing label. The four-digit number beginning with “020” is your regional group code.
0200 = Chapter, but no group
0203 = San Carlos / Belmont
0204 = Peninsula
0205 = Guadalupe (No candidates)
In our example, the group code is “0203” so Jan and Leslie can vote in the San Carlos/Belmont Group election as well as in the Chapter Executive Committee Election.

Get A Ballot.

Peter Fairchild
Residence: San Mateo
Occupation: Retired Academic Publisher
Education: BA Franklin & Marshall College                             

I joined the Sierra Club and the Loma Prieta Chapter Forest Protection Committee about 4 years ago after becoming shocked and enraged by the clear cutting encountered hiking between Arnold and Bear Valley. Our efforts at stopping this (not yet successful) and my time on CONSCOM (Chapter Conservation Committee) and as a Loma Prieta Chapter Delegate to CNRCC (California/Nevada Regional Conservation Committee) have been educational as to what is and is not working in the Sierra Club. That experience combined with my business acumen in operations, marketing and management could make my participation be of value to EXCOM.


Brian Haberly
Residence: Santa Clara
Occupation: Paralegal
Education: BA Earth Science, Cal State University, Northridge,    
Paralegal Certificate, University of West Los Angeles

I am a longtime environmental activist and community organizer. I am currently serving as an ExCom member of the Loma Prieta Chapter Peninsula Regional Group, where I have helped build participation and attendance at Chapter meetings by leading the publicity efforts for our events. Previously, I served as the PRG representative to the Chapter Conservation Committee. I also volunteer with 350.org local Silicon Valley Chapter, serving on both their Outreach and No Tar Sands/Stop Keystone XL Pipeline Committees. I was a co-chair of the successful President Obama/Stop Keystone XL Rally in Palo Alto that drew better than 450 participants, and represented the Sierra Club in both Radio and TV interviews at the event. A recent skills assessment confirmed for me what I already knew; I am a people connector, a big picture thinker, and a natural organizer. I would be thrilled to represent you as a new member of the Chapter Executive Committee and I would be pleased to earn your vote!


Zachary Pallin
Residence: San Jose
Occupation: Computer Support Engineer
Education: BA Political Science, Minor Environmental Studies  

I am a lover of the outdoors, an intellectual organizer and passionate environmentalist. I am a serious worker who is creatively inspired and forward thinking. My name is Zachary Pallin and I want to be your next Executive Committee Member. My choice for this position comes from my driven desire to serve our South Bay community. In this position, I will work toward increasing membership, maintaining presence in local issues, establishing community, and sustaining progress toward the Sierra Club's future. I've worked in a few environmentalist organizations already and I hope to continue my involvement by taking on this greater position. Despite my occupation listed above, my roots are in environmental activism and not really computers. From 2008 to 2010 at San Jose State University, I was the Co-Director of the Environmental Resource Center, a student run non-profit organization through the university that has been in existence since the founding of Earth Day! I worked directly with around 80 unique students over four semesters, getting them jazzed about environmentalism, teaching them how to carry out environmental change. You can see from the details of my past that my future lies in serving environmentalism in the South Bay. I hope to impress upon you all that I can offer our Sierra Club Chapter! It am honored to be a candidate for this role and I look forward to meeting you all.


Bruce Rienzo
Residence: Cupertino
Occupation: Chapter Treasurer and Outings Chair,
ExCom member since 2006; LPSS activity section chair,
outing leader and frequent participant;
member of national Chapter Treasurer Assistance Support Team.

As treasurer, I manage the Chapter assets and provide the financial information that is the basis for our annual budgets and longer-term planning. I will continue to support an allocation of financial resources that is consistent with our priorities and which assures that the Chapter operates within its means, while spending wisely to achieve our environmental objectives. Shifts in non-profit fundraising patterns and reductions in revenue allocations make this a particularly important and challenging role. Spending must be monitored and adjusted annually to match new revenue models. Meanwhile, I'll continue to represent the Chapter's outings community on the ExCom and keep our groups and activity sections informed about the Club's outings program. Hiking, climbing, backpacking, skiing and other outdoor activities must continue to attract new members and inspire participants to become active protectors of the environment.


Charles Schafer
Residence: Los Gatos
Occupation: Chief Financial Officer of Silicon Constellations     
Education: MBA Stanford

I work as a financial executive in a corporate environment, having served as Controller and Chief Financial Officer of several companies. I am also an avid photographer whose primary focus is backcountry landscapes. I have been a member of the Sierra Club for roughly 20 years, and for most of that time, have been extremely active in the Peak Climbing Section. My environmental outlook is a result of my love for the backcountry and its beauty, and is more devoted to a positive message (this is what we are saving) rather than the negative. I have served on the ExCom for six years, serving as Chapter Chair for three of them. A lot of my focus has been on building better communications within the chapter, and on promoting member engagement and leader development. I have also worked to help improve our fundraising effort, one that needs to raise a substantial amount of money in these tough times to help the chapter make it through a transition to a new mode of operation in response to changes within the Sierra Club itself. Progress has been made in all of these areas, but there is still more to do. We have seen a lot of positive developments over these last few years, but I see more promise out there that I would like to continue to pursue. And I would appreciate your vote so that I may do so.