Californians Want a Moratorium on Fracking

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Polling shows that more than half of Californians want state officials to halt the process
of hydraulic fracturing and well stimulation in California to protect public health and
the environment. We’re calling on the legislature and the governor to impose an
immediate moratorium on fracking and acidizing for the following reasons:
It’s a Danger to Public Health
Many of the chemicals associated with fracking, acidizing, and well stimulation are
linked to serious health problems such as cancer and birth defects. Investigations
across the country have documented contaminated drinking water resources near
fracking sites. Studies show air pollutants from fracked wells put communities at a
greater risk of asthma aEacks, other respiratory problems, and could be linked to birth
defects. Fracking and well stimulation will create more toxic pollution in California’s
already overburdened communities.
It’s An Unchecked Industry with Unknown Consequences
With little to no oversight or public disclosure, and oHen in secret, the oil and gas
industry has been blasting hundreds of thousands to millions of gallons of water mixed
with sand, acid, and toxic chemicals into California’s earth and fracking wastewater into
our coastal waters.
It’s Polluting Our Air
Scientists estimate that the fracking process and byproducts release at least 450,000
tons of air pollution each year in the United States. With California already home to
two of the most polluted air basins in the country, can we really afford more air
Fracking Wastes and Destroys Precious Water
Hydraulic fracturing and well stimulation turns precious water resources into a
contaminated waste product. Fracking often injects toxic chemicals through or adjacent
to groundwater supplies and aquifers used for both drinking and agricultural irrigation.
The risk of a spill or casing failure poses a very real threat to public health and access to
clean water. More wells and oil production will make fresh water less available for drinking water, to grow food and to support wildlife.
It’s Killing California’s Leadership on Climate
Fracking seriously undermines California’s efforts to fight climate change. Ramping up
dirty fossil fuel production via dangerous drilling and well stimulation methods is at
odds with California’s clean energy, climate, water and air quality goals. Expanding oil
drilling is not a sustainable path for California or for our planet.
California's policy leaders should place a statewide moratorium on
fracking and join the State of New York and other cities and countries
around the world to put safety and public health first.
Does fracking affect your community? Use this interactive map to see where in the United States fracking is happening and where "fraccidents" have occured!
Fracking Action Committee

Recently, the Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter formed a Fracking Action CommitteeUntil fracking is proven safe in our communities and ecosystems, our goals are to: 

1) Support Sierra Club California's efforts to pass a state-wide moratorium on fracking through Senate Bill 1132 (Mitchell & Leno) which is in-line with

Sierra Club Policy

2) Work with Santa Clara County Supervisors to discuss adopting an ordinance and/or a moratorium until one is adopted

3) Support our partner, San Benito Rising, on their fracking campaign

4) Educate and empower people in our Chapter with knowledge on what's happening in their communities and in California, what rights they have, and to avoid having to protest unsafe fracking


Fracking 101 Animated Video

Features Narration by Actor Edward James Olmos on the Dangers of Fracking

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Fracking Action Internship

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Basic fact sheet about SB 1132

Basic fact sheet about fracking and well stimulation and its dangers

Basic fact sheet about fracking and well stimulation and its dangers [Spanish]

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Brief outline of SB 1132's key points

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The Business Case to Place a Moratorium on Fracking

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Fact Sheet about Sargent Ranch Oil Field


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We are trying to reach our $9,000 goal! Donations will go towards hosting informative and awesome events, educating the public, and furthering our goal to get a moratorium against fracking. 

*Please write "Fracking Action Team" in the Purpose field on the donation form. Thanks!

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