The Loma Prietan - July/August 2009

2009 Calendar for the Chapter and Group Executive Committee Elections

July Executive Committee Meeting: The Executive Committees (ExComs) of the Chapter (and each of its Groups) appoint Nominating Committees of at least three Chapter (or Group) members, at least one of whom is not a member of the ExCom making the appointments. No member of any Nominating Committee may be a candidate in that election.

1 September: Deadline for candidates to volunteer to the Nominating Committees.

15 September: Deadline for Nominating Committees to report nominees to their ExComs and to notify volunteers who were not nominated that they can become petition candidates. Deadline for all voters to become Sierra Club members.

21 September: Deadline for Nominating Committees to submit ballot materials for each nominee to the Election Committee; Deadline for petition candidates to submit petitions and ballot materials to the Election Committee; Deadline for all candidates and all signers of petitions to become Sierra Club members; Deadline for submission of ballot issue petitions (if any) to the Election Committee.

28 September: Deadline for Election Committee to submit Annual Election ballot materials for publication in the November Chapter newsletter.

31 October: Deadline to mail ballots (November issue of the Chapter newsletter) to Chapter members.

4 December: Deadline for receipt of ballots. Election Committee reports results to the Chapter Secretary who then notifies candidates, ExCom, and other interested parties.