The Loma Prietan - April 2013

Brief Updates

"Loma Prietan" Columnist Wins Water Award

Longtime Gardening Green columnist Arvind Kumar (read his columns here) has won this year’s Water Champion Award from Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards Coalition, a coalition of 19 water agencies, environmental organizations, and business networks. Here’s what the coalition has to say about Arvind:

“Arvind Kumar has worked tirelessly to promote drought-tolerant California native plants throughout the Bay Area and the state. He served as President of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the California Native Plant Society for six years, and on the organization's State Board of Directors. Arvind was instrumental in the development and on-going success of the Going Native Garden Tour, which will celebrate its 11th anniversary in May. As part of the Tour, thousands of people visit showcase gardens featuring native plants. These gardens are exemplary models of how landscaping with natives can reduce water, chemical and pesticide use, improve wildlife habitat, and provide a unique aesthetic appeal. Attendees learn that water use can decrease by nearly 90% when traditional, high-water-use landscapes are replaced with native gardens. Arvind’s many activities include planting and maintaining a large native plant garden at San Jose’s Lake Cunningham Park, expanding the Gardening With Natives program to libraries throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, and coordinating the Annual Wildflower Show at Mission College, native plant sales in Los Altos Hills, and native plant gardening symposia held at Foothill College in 2011 and 2012. His own garden is an inspiring model of a native, low-water and pesticide-free garden. Visitors marvel that so much beauty can be found in such a small space.”

Congratulations, Arvind!