The Loma Prietan - June 2013

Bring a Little Sunshine into Your Life

Charles G. Schafer

If you own your own home, have you checked out your options when it comes to installing solar panels? As you know, the Sierra Club advocates strongly for developing alternative energy, and particularly for energy generated close to where it is used. Rooftop Solar is the perfect solution, so the Club has developed a program with Sungevity, a solar power provider, to provide rooftop solar power to our members (and to the public, no reason to discriminate) at a discounted rate.

Last year over 400 homeowners participated in this successful campaign! That will offset over 100 million pounds of carbon emissions, the equivalent of reducing driving by 114 million miles, or planting over 1.1 million trees. That’s not shabby!

Of course, you get other benefits as well. The lease rates are typically less than those generally available, and Sungevity usually guarantees that your new electricity bill plus your lease payments will be less than your old electricity bill. Add to that the fact that you pay no up-front fee, and get a $750 gift card as well, and you can see why this is an offer worth considering for you and your family.

Finally, Sungevity also pays $750 to the Sierra Club Chapters, so our Chapter will win as well. And the local economy benefits from the creation of clean energy jobs. So we figure this is a win-win-win-win-win. The environment benefits, you benefit, the Chapter benefits, the local economy benefits, and so does Sungevity for that matter.

Learn more about going solar with the Sierra Club today. It takes just two minutes to request a free, no obligation iquote. Then you can get on the bandwagon for energy and environmental savings!