The Loma Prietan - November/December 2011

Chapter Searches for Development Coordinator

by Erin Barrite

The Chapter is currently looking to fill the post of Development Coordinator. This part-time paid position resides at Chapter headquarters in Palo Alto and replaces former coordinator Darren Ponce, who moved to a full-time position after finishing his schooling.

The new coordinator’s primary responsibility will be to work closely with the Chapter Chair and Fundraising Committee to develop and implement fundraising strategies and programs through individual solicitation, telemarketing, events and direct response solicitation techniques. He/she will also recruit and train fundraising volunteers, manage the tracking of data and contributions, and prepare reports on fundraising progress.

“This is an extremely important position for the Chapter,” said Barbara Kelsey, Chapter Coordinator. “With an end-of-year fundraising event coming up, we’re hoping to have this position filled as quickly as possible.”

Although the Chapter receives some funding from the national Sierra Club, that contribution has been reduced over the past four to five years due to some structural changes within the Club, and local fundraising activities are now the primary source of income for running Chapter programs.

Erin Barrite is a member of the Loma Prietan Editorial Board.