The Loma Prietan - June 2013

Climate Change Facts Supported by National Center for Science Education

Nada Ballator

On April 15, Minda Berbeco, Ph.D., Programs and Policy Director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), spoke on Climate Change and Science Denial in Redwood City at an event hosted by the Loma Prieta Chapter’s Peninsula Regional Group. The NCSE, based in Oakland, works with the nation’s educators to present the firmly-established scientific basis for evolution or global warming, which in some states is treated as controversial theories by a skeptical public. In several states, “Academic Freedom” Bills are being introduced to undermine quality science education under the guise of critical thinking. The NCSE is very active in providing science teachers with the materials they need to teach well-established, peer-reviewed science to their students.

At the meeting, one focus of the lively discussion was climate change, and the NCSE response to the deniers and skeptics. An example of the sort of problem that the NCSE works to solve can be seen in a recent issue of The Economist. Their leader “Apocalypse perhaps a little later” and the detailed article “A sensitive matter” suggest that global warming has slowed down, temperature increase projections are unlikely, and we probably have more time to work out solutions, although they were careful to warn that we still need to deal with it. The article cited much data illustrated with complex graphs.

Shortly after the article appeared, scientists used as resources by the NCSE printed rebuttals: “How The Economist got it wrong” and “Where did global warming go? The deep ocean, experts say.” These articles are not only informative for those looking for the facts on climate change, but the comments posted by readers illustrate the value of the National Center for Science Education.

Please take a look at the NCSE website and let your children and their science teachers know about this valuable resource. The Sierra Club and Dr. Berbeco provided a valuable service to the community by introducing this organization to the excellent crowd who attended.

A life member for 40 years, Nada is newly retired and hopes to help with some of the very important issues addressed by the Club.