The Loma Prietan - July/August 2009

Donations in Action — Your $$$ at work!

Member donations are crucial because they pump essential support into Chapter activities like global warming education, social gatherings, public presentations, and advocacy programs. Engaging volunteers beyond hiking events has allowed the Chapter to actually work with grassroots community organizers to directly advocate for change in our local cities. Your Chapter needs donors to help green our communities and ensure that our Climate Action Campaign stimulates a healthier cleantech economy.

The money the Chapter receives from membership dues and the national organization is important to the Chapter's member services and environmental activities, but donors are even more essential because they allow us to go beyond just keeping the doors open. The dismal economy has affected us all; now we depend on our active donors more than ever.

The Chapter's community involvement and outreach program is key to getting the public active in protecting the environment. Our Third Tuesday monthly events, running from September to April, promise light refreshments, informative guest speakers, and an open forum for conversation on environmental issues. Promoting global warming awareness through our volunteers and campaign programs means we can equip local communities with the necessary tools for making changes in local government. So far, we've formed Cool Cities Teams in 19 communities, advocating for local government action on climate change; these diligent teams continue to expand their outreach.

Thanks to our generous donors, Chapter volunteers have been instrumental in spearheading local environmental action. We appreciate your support.

Here's what your contribution can do:

$50 - Creates 35 packets for educational outreach for communities and businesses

$200 - Covers cost of food and venue for one Third Tuesday Social Information Event

$500 - Empowers 15 volunteers to promote environmental actions in workplaces, social venues, and community organizations

$1000 - Provides 12 educational presentations about global warming to schools, community organizations, and faith-based groups

$2500 - Supports one Cool Cities Team to work with its local government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

$4600 - Covers the cost of one issue of The Loma Prietan (The Loma Prietan is looking into starting an electronic version for those who'd like to receive it, saving about 15 cents per issue per household.)

Remember that every donation helps us explore, enjoy, and protect our environment!

Darren Ponce is the Chapter's Development Coordinator.