The Loma Prietan - May 2014

Go Solar with the Sierra Club and Sungevity, Get $750

When you go solar this summer, you get $750 and Sungevity contributes $750 to the Loma Prieta Chapter.  It’s good for the planet, good for the Sierra Club, and good for you.

You can put solar on your roof through this innovative program with no money down.

  • Save money(Sungevity will guarantee that your monthly lease cost plus new electric bill will be less than your old electric bill.)
  • Help save the planet(Distributed Solar is the best solution available)
  • No up-front cost(In fact you get a $750 gift card)
  • No maintenance and service hassles
  • $750 to the Chapter for clean-energy work.
  • Sungevity is a reliable partner (They have been thoroughly vetted)

This is a win, win, win, win - the environment benefits, the homeowner gets a super deal, the local Loma Prieta chapter benefits, and orders add green jobs so the economy benefits.

Make a BIG Difference

Apply today and have your iQuote tomorrow.