The Loma Prietan - July/August 2010

Trails Comments Wanted

The San Mateo County Department of Parks will hold public meetings in late summer or fall to solicit comment about the update to the County Trails Master Plan. The goals of the Master Plan Update are to ...

• review opportunities to add one or more mountain bike trails to the County Trail System.

• review opportunities for linkages to other city, special district, state and other trails and trail systems.

• review trail routes to be added to, deleted from, or modified from the previous Trails Plan.

• review the 2001 Trails Plan policies, design, use and management guidelines.

• ensure that our designated accessible trails meet current Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

• review and understand new trends in trail use, such as Water Trails.

The County has over 200 miles of trails in its 17 County parks and two historic sites. In addition it manages the Crystal Springs Regional Trail within the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's San Francisco Watershed. These trails serve hikers, equestrians, and cyclists.

The Comment Process

The 2010 San Mateo County Trails Master Plan Update is presently circulating through various park and open space agencies (the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, etc.). Once through this process, a revised Trails Master Plan Update will be presented to the Trails Master Plan Working Committee in July. The resultant document will then be presented to various stakeholder groups such as Responsible Organized Mountain Peddlers and the Equestrian Trail Riders Action Committee for comment.

After this process the community is invited to provide their input at public meetings in late summer or fall 2010. The County especially needs to hear from hikers; hence this notice. Other stakeholders who will be invited to comment include equestrians, mountain bikers, road bikers and sea kayakers.