Endorsements and Results in the November 4, 2014
General Election in Northern California

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This has been a great election for our endorsed environmental candidates and ballot measures. Over 75% of endorsed candidates and measures won or passed.

Thanks again to everyone who participated on an endorsement team or helped any of these candidates. Thanks also to all you who could only make time to vote. This was a low turn out election. Every vote mattered!

Please reach out to your newly elected representatives and congratulate them on winning.

Note: Ballots are still being counted, and some of the races are very close. The results that follow were announced before November 9th, 2014. The final results will be published after they are known.

US Congress

All endorsed US Congressional Candidates from our area won! Most by large margins!

  • CA District 14: Jackie Speier (DI) WON
  • CA District 17: Mike Honda (DI) WON
  • CA District 18: Anna Eshoo (DI) WON
  • CA District 19: Zoe Lofgren (DI) WON
  • CA District 20: Sam Farr (DI) WON

California State Offices

100% of endorsed candidates won!

  • Attorney General: Kamala Harris (DI) WON
  • Treasurer: John Chiang (DI) WON (more info)
  • Secretary of State: Alex Padilla (D) WON (more info)
  • Controller: Betty Yee (D) WON (more info)
  • Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones (DI) WON (more info)
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tom Torlakson (DI) WON (more info)

Statewide Propositions

  • Proposition 1 Water BondNEUTRAL WON

California State Assembly

100% of endorsed candidates won!

  • District 22: Kevin Mullin (DI) WON
  • District 24: Rich Gordon (DI) WON
  • District 25: Kansen Chu (D) WON
  • District 27: Nora Campos (DI) WON
  • District 28: Evan Low (D) WON
  • District 29: Mark Stone (DI) WON

San Mateo County

Many of our endorsed candidates won the council and mayoral races in San Mateo County (50%).

  • Daly City Council: Ray Buenaventura WON, Judith Christensen WON, Thomas Ledda LOST
  • Half Moon Bay City Council: Deborah Ruddock WON, Harvey Rarback LOST
  • Menlo Park City Council: Drew Combs LOST, Kristin Duriseti LOST, Kelly Fergusson LOST
  • Pacifica City Council: Sue Digre WON, John Keener WON
  • San Mateo County Harbor Commission: Robert Bernardo LOST, Nicole David WON
  • Measure M Amend Downtown Specific Plan: YES LOST (more info)

Santa Clara County

Our endorsed candidates won 24/30 the council and mayoral races in Santa Clara (80%).

  • Campbell City Council: No endorsements
  • Cupertino City Council: Barry Chang WON
  • Gilroy City Council: Tom Fisher LOST, Paul Kloecker LOST, Peter Leroe-Munoz WON
  • Los Altos City Council: Jean Mordo WON, Mary Prochnow WON
  • Los Gatos Town Council: Steve Leonardis WON, Rob Rennie WON, Marico Sayoc WON
  • Milpitas Mayor: Jose Esteves WON
  • Milpitas City Council: Marsha Grilli WON, Rajeev Madnawat LOST
  • Morgan Hill City Council: No endorsements
  • Mountain View City Council: Margaret Capriles LOST, Lisa Matichak LOST, Pat Showalter WON
  • Palo Alto City Council: Tom Dubois WON, Eric Filseth WON, Karen Holman WON, Greg Scharff WON, Cory Wolbach WON
  • San Jose Mayor: Sam T. Liccardo WON
  • San Jose City Council:
    • District 1: Paul Fong LOST
    • District 3: Raul Peralez WON (his website)
  • Santa Clara City Council:
    • Mayor: Jamie Matthews WON
    • Seat 2: Mohammed Nadeem LOST
    • Seat 5: Dominic Caserta WON
  • Saratoga City Council: Mary-Lynne Bernald WON, Emily Lo WON
  • Midpeninsula Open Space District:
    • Ward 1: Peter Siemens WON
    • Ward 6: Larry Hassett WON
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District 7: Brian Schmidt LOST
  • Measure Q Protect Open Space: YES WON (more info)

San Benito County

  • Measure J Fracking Ban: YES WON (more info)


Candidates and races for local elections are listed in alphabetical order.


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