San Mateo Hiking Section

New Hikers Welcome! The San Mateo Hiking Section offers moderate hikes three times a week. For our hike schedule, see the Chapter calendar.

Hikes start at 10:00 AM, unless otherwise specified. Bring water and lunch.

For specific hikes, call hike leader at phone number given in the calendar. For any Saturday hikes, please call the leader in advance.

For general information, Jane Bagley 650-330-1908 or Beth Essex 650-367-9629, Hike Co-Coordinators.

Write for our six-month, Wednesday/Thursday/sometimes Saturday hike schedule. Send a self-addressed/stamped envelope and a $4.50 check, payable to San Mateo Hiking Section, Sierra Club, to HIKES, P.O. Box 651, San Carlos, CA 94070.